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Synthetic Perfume Artistry from Aether Parfums



Synthetic Perfume Artistry from Aether Parfums

Synthetic chemicals in perfume have gone from being reviled by perfume lovers to being outstanding examples of clever olfactory art. Savvy and discerning perfumistas have discovered that single-note, aroma chemical isolates can be as mysterious and sensual as any big-drama floral or spicy oriental fragrance. Entire lines have come on the market whose only releases are entirely synthetic, obtusely chemical, and unusual scents.

Nicolas Chabot1 1Aether is one of them, and if their catalog is any indication, the era of disdaining the synthetic and hard-to-pronounce side of perfumery is over.

When done well, purposely-isolated synthetic perfumes have an intriguing, futuristic, and ethereal quality that can’t be produced in any other style.

By abandoning all attempt at naturalism, isolated synthetic scents ironically become as addicting as any jasmine or chocolate-based fragrance. Your mind is more than happy to fill in what’s missing with its own fantasy world.

Founder Nicolas Chabot wanted to showcase entirely new synthetic compositions rather than just offer monochromatic, single-note compositions – an idea that’s already been done and absorbed by the cult perfume subculture. He thought of Aether as an olfactory project that would utilize the “molecular kitchen” rather than the “traditional kitchen” of table spices, etc. is very proud to offer three of Aether’s bestselling fragrances, and each one is fashioned with its own unique, 22nd century profile highlighting the creative artistry behind the aroma chemical perfume scene.  All perfumes have a long-lasting, and evocative 15-20% concentration. These are some of Scentbird’s most adventurous and interesting fragrances, and should not be missed, especially by skin scent or musk perfume fans.

Citrus Ester:

Citrus Ester is a futuristic, precisely-engineered eau de parfum featuring a metallic, sparkling grapefruit note tumbling in a particle accelerator with wispy rhubarb and two cleverly-blended woody musk notes. This is a sheer and shining fragrance for the 21st century and far beyond.

Aether Oxyde:

A skin scent inspired by the ether used in hospitals as knock-out drops? Aether Oxyde is a subtle, woozy blend of ambroxan, Iso-E-Super, and Ethylacetate, and it wears like hypnotic, fresh, clean cotton on the skin.  Fans of musk scents will no doubt pass out from its narcotic temptations at first sniff.


Muskethanol evokes the same warm, boozy feeling of an after-dinner cognac, or whiskey by fusing damascenone with floral musks, for a powerhouse plum wine effect that is heavy, sensual, and distractingly memorable. This is a bold, dramatic, and arresting scent that will instantly get heads turned in your direction.


Aether Collage


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