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Summer Staples: Look Good, Feel Good, Smell Good4 min read

07/18/2019 3 min read

Summer Staples: Look Good, Feel Good, Smell Good4 min read

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Whether you’re hitting the beach, having a staycation, or taking a last-minute flight to the tropics, we imagine you have enough to plan this summer, but you can consider your fragrance, skincare, and wellness game handled.

Get into the groove on long sunny days and heated nights with our sunrise-till-sunset worthy mix to keep you smelling good, looking good and feeling good all summer long.

Smell Good: Nest Wisteria Blue

Unique and oh so fresh, Wisteria Blue is a classic in the making. Nest is known for its focus on florals, so it’s no surprise the main notes are all petal-powered. Wisteria, rose and jasmine take center stage, but contrary to being a dainty combination, the notes complement each other to create an extremely playful scent.

Fun fact: According to Nest founder Laura Slatkin, the wisteria essence was extracted from the flowers adorning Marie Antoinette’s home at Versailles. So, if you prefer your fragrances with a regal twist, this just might be the one.

Look Good: PlantGenuis Survival Serum by Alpyn Beauty and Skyn Iceland Relief Eye Cream

Thanks to a blend of vitamin C, bearberry leaf and licorice root extract, plus a generous amount of exfoliants, Alpyn Beauty’s Survival Serum works to even tone, help refine skin’s surface, and deeply nourish and promote cell turnover. Add this one to your summer skin regime and beyond, and thank us later.

The supercharged salve by Skyn Iceland is enriched with Saponaria Pumila, a flowering plant from Iceland that helps to stimulate cell rejuvenation, reduce the depth of wrinkles, firm, depuff and improve elasticity. If you need some help looking awake throughout the day (don’t we all?), forget coffee and give this eye cream a go.

Feel Good: Matcha Golde Tumeric Tonic

Where matcha is a powerful free-radical fighter, turmeric can be considered its digestion-aiding, inflammation-fighting superfood sidekick. With their powers combined in Golde’s formula, you’ve got the ultimate wellness tag-team. We love to drink the Tumeric Matcha with hot water — the coconut milk powder in the blends makes a really creamy drink. It’s also yummy in warm milk or blended up into your favorite smoothie. Salut!

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