Skin Saviors to Beat Winter5 min read

11/04/2019 3 min read

Skin Saviors to Beat Winter5 min read

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November is here. Which means: a) It’s not too soon to start blasting “All I Want For Christmas” on repeat and b) it’s time to prepare your skin for winter. 

To avoid the cold weather related skin freak-outs, we’ve prepared a set of saviors to nourish, soothe, and revive the skin even as the temperature is constantly dropping. 

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PAULA’S CHOICE Omega+ Complex Moisturizer

Winter calls for a richer hydrator that comes packed with ceramides to limit moisture loss and protect against environmental stressors. Our top pick? Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Moisturizer. Packed with moisture-boosting Omegas 3, 6 & 9 as well as fruit extracts, it’s your perfect facial shield against the cold. 

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SCENTBIRD Bergamot & Pomelo Silky Body Lotion

A drop in humidity plus central heating equals dry, stale air and even drier skin. To ensure your skin stays silky smooth, ramp up the hydration levels. Drink plenty of water and after each shower, slather on our Bergamot & Pomelo lotion. With its silky serum-like formula it absorbs into skin fast, veiling it in moisture. Plus, it’s smells like sunshine. 

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JOANNA VARGAS Exfoliating Mask

As summer tan fades, it may bring on some discoloration issues. To help remove those patches and to get glowing, we turn to Joanna Vargas’ exfoliating mask. Thanks to fruit enzymes and a fusion of volcanic ash and clay, this gentle exfoliator polishes, refines uneven texture and draws out impurities. 

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ORA ORGANIC Be You Tiful Organic Skin & Hair Beauty Support Capsules

Healthy, nourished skin begins from within. ORA ORGANIC’s super formula uses notoriously hard-to-find organic sprouted quinoa, plus organic seaweed and algae extracts and no less than 1 billion probiotics to boost your hair, skin and nails’ health from the inside out.

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