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September 2020 Cologne of the Month: Amur Leopard by Sanctuary


September 2020 Cologne of the Month: Amur Leopard by Sanctuary

Sanctuary is the new kid on the olfactive block that calls out and says: Wake up and smell the perfume. Born out of a desire to spotlight the world’s at-risk animals, their clean, conscious, socially-responsible fragrances are meant to inspire more than just compliments on that great scent you’re wearing. Proceeds from each fragrance will be donated to various organizations that protect particularly threatened animal species in the wild.

Amur Leopard By Sanctuary

Amur Leopard, our Cologne of the Month for September 2020 is a study in contrast, a fragrant dichotomy  between hot and cold notes, paying homage to the polar opposites that this big cat calls home. It opens with crisp apple, its bite refreshing against the warmth of its savory counterpart, cardamom. As the scent slowly prowls on the skin, it unearths notes of rosemary and spicy copaiba descending further in the unknown. The drydown combines the creaminess of tonka bean and amber with the most sensual leather wood acords, leaving a trail of elegance in its wake. 

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