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Scents Made For Seduction: Irresistible Perfumes

Seductive Perfumes

Scents Made For Seduction: Irresistible Perfumes


In order to seduce a man with her perfume, the woman must seduce herself first….

Scientists say that fragrances not only make you feel more confident and attractive, but also they are the real drivers of passion.

The more you know about them, the more you will be able to use their power to your advantage.

What perfume should you choose?

Well, the answer depends on the effect you intend to achieve.

  • If you want to smell feminine – always go for floral notes. For as long as perfume has been considered a beauty staple, all floral scents (especially those with a hint of rose, tuberose and honeysuckle flower) have been used as a synonym of femininity and romance.

My picks: Midnight Fleur by Nest Fragrances and Valentina Acqua Floreale by Valentino

Floral Reccomendation

  • For the moments when you feel like a real seductress, there are plenty of intoxicating scents containing oriental spices, woody accords and musk, which leave a trail of mystery and exoticism on your skin.

My picks: Midnight Oud by Juliette Has A Gun and Night by Judith Leiber

Oriental Spicy Reccomendation
  • When you want to be gentle and sweet girl next door, opt for the exact type of fragrances. Studies have shown that sweet fragrances (containing flavors like cardamom, vanilla and licorice plants) have incredible power to excite men.

My picks: Clique by Roble and L’eau D’issey Absolue by Issey Miyake

Sweet Reccomendation

After you take your pick…


Experts say it takes approximately 12 minutes for the skin to warm the perfume and settle in its final dry down phase. So if it takes longer to reach your date, do not forget to take your perfume in the convenient sleek Scentbird case.

Scentbird Perfect Perfume

In case you are not acquainted with Scentbird, it is a luxury fragrance subscription service that sends you a 30-day supply of a fragrance of your choice for $14.95/month.

You’ll receive a selection of fragrances each month for $14.95, and add other perfumes you want to try to your queue for an upcoming delivery.

For $14.95, Scentbird is your monthly pass to fragrant elegance, chicness and refinement.

To join Scentbird or learn more about this luxurious fragrance service, click here:


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