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The 6 Modern Day Scents These Historical Figures Would Wear Today

Scents Historical Figures

The 6 Modern Day Scents These Historical Figures Would Wear Today

Warning: This post is filled with flights of fancy, fun, and some amazing fragrances. We were thinking about the famous historical figures and which modern scents they would wear in the year 2021. These are some of our ideas, but, as always, we’re open to suggestions:

Modern Scents and Famous Historical Figures Wearers

Napoléon Bonaparte

Scents Historical Figures

Exit the King by Etat Libre d’Orange with its soap accords and rose petals may be best suited for the French military leader, but we remembered that he crowned himself an emperor because he thought the king title was unambitious and decided to look further for the perfect match. 

We didn’t need to look far, because Etat Libre d’Orange has a scent called Remarkable People, and since he’s all about the titles, we know it would fit him like a glove. The scent itself is more than remarkable: Grapefruits dipped in champagne, then chatted up by notes of sandalwood, cardamom, and jasmine. 

To try or simply read more on Remarkable People, click here


Scents Historical Figures

Fracas by Robert Piguet is probably the sexiest scent on the planet: Narcotic tuberose, heady jasmine, and addictive gardenia are one helluva trio alone, and even better together. Cleopatra is portrayed as one of the most powerful and magnetic queens of Ancient Egypt, plus she had the habit of perfuming the sails of her ship with jasmine oil, so we know she’d approve of the choice. 

Our last argument? The fracas she caused in Rome. 

To try or simply read more on Fracas, click here

William Shakespeare

Scents Historical Figures

We bet you thought we’d go for a rose scent, accompanied by the Romeo and Juliet quote, right? You’re in for a surprise: Throne by English Laundry is a best-selling scent, just like all of his works, and Shakespeare takes the throne for being the greatest writer in the English language. If this isn’t enough to convince you, let the cologne do the rest: green apples and bergamot are electrifying, lavender is calming, and amber is warming. 

To try or simply read more on Throne, click here

Jane Austin

Scents Historical Figures

Bitch, Please by Confessions Of A Rebel is the only perfume dear Jane Austin would wear. Unexpected, secretly romantic (jasmine petals, anyone?), and most importantly unforgetful, this perfume is like all of her heroines combined. A scent that doesn’t play by the rules, we love it for its black currant note, the whisper-soft skin musk, and unyielding sandalwood. Marc Darcy approves.

To try or simply read more on Bitch, Please click here

Leonardo da Vinci 

Scents Historical Figures

Icon by Dunhill. We love it for its extremely interesting contrast between freshness yielded by bergamot and warm spice notes like black pepper and cardamom. Da Vinci would like it because of his obsession with detail and quality, the core values he shared with Alfred Dunhill. 

To try or simply read more on Icon, click here

Amelia Earhart

Scents Historical Figures

Sky by Gendarme: Citrus blast soars through the spicy haze, breaking through like an airplane that shatters the clouds. The moss and leather accent ground the scent, giving it character and depth. Remind you of someone?

To try or simply read more on Sky, click here

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Scents historical figures would wear is a complete work of fiction. However, there’s no denying how good of a match they are. If you have any suggestions on other scents historical figures would wear, we’d love to hear them.

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