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Scentbird’s June 2020 Newness Roundup


Scentbird’s June 2020 Newness Roundup has so many cool new releases to share with you that we barely have enough time to write them all up before another shipment arrives. But we know you fiercely follow what fragrances arrive on our doorstep each month, so here’s the 411 on our personal faves for summer:

Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid

Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid

Lovers of flirty perfumes, consider this your siren song.

Drawing inspiration from mermaids lounging upon sunkissed cliffs, Fantasia Mermaid

 is a scent that speaks of dog days of summer, translated by citrusy and floral notes. Ample dose of litchi injects brightness in the composition, while the whispery soft, honeyed vanilla base carries the scent away on a sea foam. 

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Derek Lam 10 Crosby Give Me The Night

Give Me The Night Derek Lam

A smooth lover, Give Me The Night is a scent best enjoyed skin on skin…This alluring cocktail combines night blooming jasmine and woody moss with stirr of anticipation that comes alive when the sun sets. Its self-assured, aromatic appeal is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a  dose of freshness in classic chypre floral fragrances.

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Tumi Awaken and Unwind

Mastering travel and opulence, Tumi, the luxurious travel bag brand is now pursuing the latest trends in perfumery and reimagining the classical colognes in thrilling, ready-to-wear fragrant compositions. Case in point? The two latest arrivals on Scentbird: Awaken and Unwind. 

Awaken Tumi 1

Awaken’s opening notes of bergamot, grapefruit, coriander are bright and vivacious, awakening the adventurer in you, taking you on a sensory journey, into a misty forest via mix of clary sage, fir needle, and cypress before finishing on a woody,aromatic patchouli and cedarwood base.

Unwind Tumi 1

Unwind is a fresh cologne that is both timeless and modern. With a dash of lavender and sage at the heart, the fragrance dries down to an essence of vetiver, oud and sandalwood lingering on the wearer.

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Dunhill Icon Elite

Dunhill Icon Elite

The perfect iteration of energy in a cologne form, Icon Elite opens with zesty citruses, but the refreshing start soon gives way to an all-star aromatic lineup of blue sage, and juniper, all set against wonderfully soft ebony and sandalwood base that’s both rich and soothing.

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Mercedes-Benz Man Intense

Man Intense By Mercedes Benz

In Men Intense, Mercedes’ well known study in luxury is achieved through a medley of cedar leaf, amber woods, patchouli and ambroxan. In fact, this cologne is everything you expect from a Mercedes: thrilling, bold and oh-so intense. 

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