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Scentbird Skincare: Everything You Need To Know

Scentbird Skincare Everything You Need To Know


Scentbird Skincare: Everything You Need To Know

We’re one month into the launch of our specially formulated hand creams – check out #scentbirdskincare on Instagram – with more (so much more!) bath + body products to come. In the next few months, we’ll be rolling out a line of shower essentials, as well as additional moisture-rich must-haves to update your beauty routine. Our Scentbird subscribers are already in on the mission, but we figured a handy run-down could help clarify a few key points.

-If you’re a subscriber, you’re already IN. All Scentbird products are now part of your membership. So, if you’re on our entry plan of $14.95/month, you can choose a hand cream OR a fragrance to try each month…

-If you upgrade to receive 2 or 3 products/ month, you can try hand creams AND fragrances. (Remember friends, more is always more).

Scentbird Notes Yuzuginger Scentbird Skincare-It all comes down to the formula. We’ve got no time for too-thick, sticky hand creams. After all, we’re too busy rushing around city streets, shielding our skin from the elements 24/7. So, we know how it goes: you want super-soft palms that aren’t greasy. That’s why our hand creams feel silky-light and absorb insanely fast. So you can grab onto whatever life throws your way.

-And on that note, none of our products – bath, body, fragrance, whatever – are tested on animals. Never ever. Cruelty-free just feels better.

-On top of that, we avoid other bad-for-your-body ingredients, too. Parabens and sulfates are never a good look – that’s why we leave them out every time.

How do we create our specific scent pairings? We’ve tapped a diverse group of fragrance and skincare addicts, who’ve come from different companies, countries and olfactory profiles to dream up these scent-sory experiences. What happens next is a pretty intensive back-and-forth phase, where our team works with suppliers across the US and France (beauty capital of the world) to work out the right blend of notes that hit the skin and sing all day long. Watch this space, in the next few weeks we’ll be interviewing one of our top mixologists to find out how, what, why and when she works her fragrance magic.

We want to hear from YOU. We’ll be unveiling new bath + body products monthly, with that said, you’ll be able to let us know what products are important to you. Are you looking to tap into the new charcoal beauty trend or seeking out a restorative lip treatment? Sign onto Scentbird fill out a brief questionnaire and tell us! It might be coming soon or, you might give us a great idea for our next launch.

As always, you can stay up-to-date with all our #scentbirdskincare musings and updates on Instagram @Scentbird. We’ll be including some behind-the-scenes coverage working with the team in our New York headquarters. ‘Tis the season for skincare – get softer, hydrated hands this winter.

  1. Avatar Of Kimberly Scheideman

    Kimberly Scheideman

    How do I stop my Subscription I pay for it please stopit

  • Marina Ljubisavljevic

    Our attitude at Scentbird is that every problem has a solution -- and plus, we'd hate to see you go, so please give us a chance to make it right. If you haven't checked out our Help Desk yet, that might be the best place to start: We take our customer issues extremely seriously, so if that doesn't solve it, please get in touch with our Support team using the pink "Submit A Request" button at the top of that FAQ page.

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