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Scentbird Loves: Exotic Notes

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Scentbird Loves: Exotic Notes

Your current personal care collection is cool and all, but there’s nothing quite like the added perk of an exotic note swirling in the air and mingling on your skin. The melting texture of mango and kiwi body scrub gliding on your limbs, the coconut souffle feeling and smelling so delish, making you reach for your bathing suit…Plus there’s the scented candles that put joy in JOMO and set the mood for more. As always, we’ve got plenty to offer in the exotic notes department, from silky washes to nourishing body moisturizes. 

Mango & Kiwi Melting Shower Scrub

The flavors of juicy mango and ripe kiwi mingle on the skin. Our melting texture sinks in and gets to work on your skin. Goes on creamy smooth (thanks to mango butter), and sinks into skin extra fast (loving that argan scrub!)

To add the shower scrub to your queue, click on the link below:

Pineapple & White Amber Silky Conditioning Wash

Not a morning person, are you?  Our paraben-free and sulfate-free wash will help pep you up (or at the very least, make you smell incredible) before heading off to work. This extra-gentle jelly wash is packed with gold jojoba pearls that melt on the skin, so it can be used daily – an added boost for your morning routine.  

To add the silky conditioning wash to your queue, click on the link below:

Coconut & Sugar Nourishing Body Soufflé

Treat yourself to soft, supply skin with this ultra-hydrating cream that’s insanely moisturizing and smells delicious, too. A combo of coconut water and coconut oil, plus Vitamins C and E provides the ultimate self-care sesh.

To add the nourishing body souffle to your queue, click on the link below:

Neroli & Orange Blossom Moisturizing Cloud Mousse

Neroli, with its bright, energetic aroma softens the sweet, full floral bouquet of orange blossom in what our editors describe as playful, sensual perfection. Weightless and creamy our cloud mousse intensely nourishes skin, without any excess residue.Vitamins B5 +C— as well as essential oils all work together to keep your skin happy and smelling great. 

To add the moisturizing cloud mousse to your queue, click on the link below:

White Tea & Fig Scented Candle

Тhis candle combines amber, fig and Russian tea for a playful, juicy and comforting scent that’s ideal for when you miss summer and its carefree vibe. 

To add the scented candle to your queue, click on the link below:

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