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September Perfume of the Month: Sanctuary Vaquita Dolphin

Sanctuary Vaquita Dolphin Perfume Of The Month


September Perfume of the Month: Sanctuary Vaquita Dolphin

Sanctuary Vaquita Dolphin: The Newest Spirit and Awareness Raising Scent

Juicy pear and redcurrant berries are a siren’s song, enticing you to take a dive in the deep end. Waterlily brims with freshness, cedarwood drifts on the surface, drenched in sea salt. Like the playful dolphin that inspired it, this aquatic fruity scent ripples with optimism.

The scent is truly uplifting, mellow, and high-spirited, but the backstory is different. Sanctuary Vaquita Dolphin is inspired by the world’s rarest marine mammal living in the waters of the Gulf of California. 

Sanctuary Vaquita Dolphin

Timid, yet curious, the Vaquita dolphin is a victim of illegal fishing and is now on the edge of extinction. Sanctuary created this magnificent scent to tell its unique story, raise awareness, and save it from extinction. 

Proceeds from each Sanctuary scent and this Sanctuary Vaquita Dolphin perfume will be donated to organizations whose life mission is to save these endangered animals: 20% from purchasing a full-sized bottle, and $1 from every 8ml vial added to your queue.

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