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Rock that Interview Scent!3 min read

08/20/2015 2 min read


Rock that Interview Scent!3 min read

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Your dream job just called you for an interview.

What are you going to wear?

But most importantly, what scent will you wear?

Don’t wear some spicy or overwhelming floral scent!

Here are five fragrances that are confident and subtle enough to ace that job interview.

Clean Shower Fresh by Clean: When playing it super safe, Clean Shower Fresh is your best bet. It’s a simple soapy scent with top notes of mandarin oranges and lemons with a blend of lily-of-the-valley and orange blossoms. The perfume’s powdery fresh feel is perfect when YOU want to make an impression and not your fragrance.

Pure DKNY Verbena by Donna Karan: If you like green scents, Pure DKNY Verbena is a great fragrance to relax you. With basil, seaweed, vetiver, and honeysuckle, it is mixed with verbena for a calm and tranquil feel. If the nerves get to you, this perfume will keep you cool and ready for the interview.

Jeanne Lanvin by Lanvin: If you only wear fruity scents, this perfume is a subtle ethereal fragrance to bring out the sweetness in you. Containing notes of blackberry, raspberry, and pear; it is blended with lemon and peony. By not being too overbearing, it is elusive enough and yet delightful.

Incanto Charms by Salvatore Ferragamo: When going into a job interview, you want to be as charming as possible. Incanto Charms will showcase that poise even when you have butterflies in the stomach. With passionfruit, honeysuckle and jasmine; rose and musk are the base notes for an enchanting feel for you and a pleasant presence to your interviewer.

O de L’ Orangerie by Lancome: The most daring of the bunch and yet discreet, O de L’Orangerie is a citrus perfume but with a light and fresh summer impression. Among the citruses like oranges, bergamot and orange blossoms, the fragrance has Virginia cedar mixed into this clean concoction. If you want to make a strong impression, although not spicy or domineering, this scent is audacious for a job interview, but if able to pull it off,  can leave a great impact and effect.



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