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Ready, Steady, Youth Glo

Youth Glo

Ready, Steady, Youth Glo

If there’s one thing the Scentbird team knows best, it’s test-driving the latest and greatest drops on our website. And, if a certain line is the talk of the week, you know it must be good.

Which brings us to the company we’re welcoming with open arms – Supermood, a natural skincare brand from Finland that uses potent botanical plant actives to address a specific mood. According to founder, the former supermodel Anne Kukkohovi, Supermood, and especially the Youth Glo line was born out of desire to both look and feel radiant and dewy.

Supermood Youth Glo products are designed to fight signs of aging and put you in a youthful mood. Thanks to a cocktail of organic ingredients like fruit acids, moth bean extract a.k.a. natural retinol alternative and glutathione, the mother of all antioxidants, Youth Glo salves restore the skin back to its youthful, most radiant self.

Without further ado, here are the products that we can’t stop obsessing about:

Babyface Mask Supermood 6430050005887 Single

Youth Glo Baby Face Mask

Baby Face Mask nourishes, enhances the overall skin condition and smooths fine wrinkles, leaving skin looking completely healthy and radiant. The formula of buckthorn juice, vitamin C clarifies the skin and boosts collagen production, while moth bean, green tea and ginko biloba repair the effects of free radicals.

Radiance Serum Supermood 6430050005948 Single

Youth Glo Radiance Serum

Containing a must-have cocktail of fruit extracts, firming Moth bean and light reflecting actives, this serum feeds your skin with active nutrients and gives it an iridescent glow. You can use it on its own for a boost of radiance or as a makeup base.

Luxury Peel Supermood 6430050005863 Single

Youth Glo Luxury Peel

Perfect for all skin types, this smoothing and brightening luxurious peel is designed to make your skin red-carpet-ready after one use. Thanks to its blend of lactic acid, vitamin C rich buckthorn extract, cornflower water, and soothing marigold extract, it peels and renews the skin, creating a ready, steady sensational glow.

Eyes Wide Open Supermood 6430050005641 Single

Youth Glo Egoboost Eyes Wide Open Serum

A lightweight, quick absorbing salve that utilises hand-picked natural Finnish Chaga mushroom and breakthrough Liftonin® Xpress compound, the Egoboost Eyes Wide Open Serum helps reduce signs of fatigue, firms under the eye area and evens out the skin tone for youthful-looking eyes.

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