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Read Our Lips: 3 Lip Balms You Have to Try

Fruity And Fresh Lip Balms

Read Our Lips: 3 Lip Balms You Have to Try

Lack of SPF, dry, humid air, salt, masks… your lips are in overdrive big time. Give yourself a service and learn all the ways to keep them happy, hydrated and kissable. 

Give ‘em Sugar

Exfoliation is the first step to beautiful lips. This is important because it helps remove dead skin cells, releases excess toxins and allows the lips to breathe. 

To make a DIY lip scrub, mix one tablespoon honey with a teaspoon of brown sugar. We’re particularly partial to the tempting flavor, but please do not eat it. Instead,massage in gentle, extremely gentle circular motion all over the lips for 5 minutes.

Once the exfoliation is complete, the skin on your lips will be able to absorb beneficial properties of the lip balms quicker, faster and more efficiently. 

Hydration Station

Sahara-dry lips, be gone. A good old-fashioned dose of moisture in the form of lip balm is all you need to keep chapped lips at bay. For a product to be effective in nourishing and protecting the lips, it has to be equipped with moisturizing and healing ingredients such as almond, coconut, shea butter oil as well as Vitamins A & E that rejuvenate and shield skin against free radicals.

Our Scentbird lip collection is loaded with all of these ingredients, and what’s important is that not a single product contains parabens or sulfates or any of the ingredients known to cause dryness and chapping. 

Equipped with a cooling metal applicator to improve precision and melting into lips for instant hydration, lips are left smooth, silky and scented to perfection. It is the best pocket/bag/desk drawer lip product!

Our Top Summer Lip Balms: 

Juicy Watermelon


Juicy Watermelon is like a tall, freshly squeezed drink for your lips. So good, you’ll want to drink straight from the tube. Don’t do it, though. 

To add this juicy lip balm to your queue, click here:

Fresh Mint

Sb Lipbalm Fresh Mint

A mojito mocktail, it lingers on your lips like a kiss you’ve been craving a long, long time. And that subtle sheen it’s right on spot. 

To add this fresh lip balm to your queue, click here:

Exotic Mango


All of the sweetness, none of the calories. Exotic Mango promises summer is just a swipe away.

To add this exotic lip balm to your queue, click here:

Beautiful Skin From Within

Due to their thin epidermis and the lack of sebaceous glands, our lips need even more hydration than the skin on the other body parts. So, if you want that glowing skin and sexy lips, rethink your lifestyle and always opt for an extra glass of water. Drinking more water can help boost your skin’s hydration levels, and you can kiss cracked lips goodbye. 

Also, we know our Scentbird lip balms smell and taste sooo good, but resist temptation at all costs because licking your lips deprives them of moisture and leaves them completely dry and un-sexy. That subtle glowy sheen everyone’s after is part of the deal.

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