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Put Your Best Face Forward With These Face Masks6 min read

06/18/2020 3 min read

Put Your Best Face Forward With These Face Masks6 min read

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And on Thursdays, we do the skincare routine we promised we’d do every day but put off until the end of the week. Read on to get started!

JOANNA VARGAS Exfoliating Mask

For a smooth, radiant complexion start with Joanna Vargas’, a.k.a. “The instant beautifier”exfoliating mask. Infused with fruit derived enzymes and a medley of volcanic ash and mineral-rich clays, this skin reforming hero works to gently draw out impurities and restore dewy, glowy youthfulness to your skin.

SCENTBIRD Moonstone Hydrating Sleep Mask

Want radiant, brighter skin? This hydrating sleep mask blends hyaluronic acid, water lily and crushed moonstone crystals to quench dehydrated skin and reduce the appearance of imperfections, leaving you with nothing but the option to put your best face forward.

PURLISSE Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask

To transform the appearance of your skin in just 10 minutes, it’s best to rely on K-beauty’s most popular brands, like Purlisse. Blue lotus seeds, white clay, bamboo, ginger, white tea and mushroom extract work harmoniously to brighten the complexion, even out skin tone while providing gentle exfoliation. The ultimate miracle worker, here!

SUPERMOOD Youth Glo Babyface Mask

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Is Cher’s “Turn Back Time” a song that leaves you longing for the days when your skin was firm, smooth and oh-so appealing? Then it’s time to seek out the help of Finnish skincare specialists called Supermood. With vitamin A, better known as retinol plus vitamin C as well as beta-carotene in rosehip oil, this mask is the closest thing to a skincare time machine as it gets.


Good enough to put on and upload it on the ‘gram, even better to your skin – Egg Mousse mask. With a whipped meringue-like texture, this Korean brand mask is designed to instantly hydrate, brighten, and plump dull, dry skin. All this in under five minutes.

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