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Perfume of the Month: Wild Poppy by Nest Fragrances



Perfume of the Month: Wild Poppy by Nest Fragrances

NEST is one of the most elegant floral perfume designers working today, and Scentbird is excited to offer their new fruity floral release, Wild Poppy.

NEST founder Laura Slatkin’s excursions to the flower market led her to discover poppy flowers in their earliest moments, when their drooping buds are tightly closed.  She was so fascinated by the strange look of the flower that she continually returned to the flower market until the buds bloomed into a gorgeous array of deep, saturated colors and magnificent, textured petals.  She was immediately transfixed with their otherworldly beauty and so Wild Poppy was born.

Wild Poppy By Nest

And fans of sparkling, sweet pear and bright raspberries will immediately find something to love in this new fragrance.  The sparkling pear and raspberries are joined by plush, ripe apricots that fade down into a sophisticated floral heart of Himalayan jasmine and Rose de Grasse for a classically elegant finish.

NEST fans will also immediately recognize the signature NEST subtlety and power in this new scent.  Every NEST fragrance is infused with its own floral mystery – each note shines with a sheer and ethereal presence – like a fine watercolor painting.   And with the delicious pear and raspberry opening adding their temptations, Wild Poppy becomes an irresistible, every day option or special occasion scent with plenty of spirited, joyful energy.


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