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Perfume of the Month, October 2019: Gia by Tocca3 min read

09/18/2019 2 min read
gia tocca girl

Perfume of the Month, October 2019: Gia by Tocca3 min read

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Fact: We’re big fans of all of Tocca’s girls, but Gia is easily the most outgoing of the bunch.

Though it sounds cliche, Gia is the type of girl you notice immediately when she walks into a room. She makes a major impact on contact — the burst of Turkish rose and tangerine is the first thing you’ll notice, and as the scent adjusts to your skin, rich vanilla and amber give the floral fragrance a sensual warmth. 

gia tocca

Gia is the kind of girl you can take anywhere. She’s fun for a night out, is the perfect wingwoman for a first date, and is always the first person with bold, new ideas at the office. Truly, she can do it all, so it’s no wonder we’ve named her our perfume of the month for October. 

Add Gia to your Scentbird queue now, and spray with abandon. 

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    Tammy Frederick

    I still have not received my free perfume for a friend ordering off of my account free quest to them to join off of my experience with my account number on it how do I go about getting my free perfume and her free perfume doing how I was told but if I referred somebody and they accept it and became a member that we would both get a new get to pick out their our own fragrance one bottle perfume a piece? Tammy Frederick 509-431-7890

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    Gwendolyn Williams

    Love scentbird,I haven't received any lately

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