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Perfume Spotlight: Cheap & Chic Light Clouds by Moschino

Moschino Cheap &Amp; Chic Light Clouds

Perfume Spotlight: Cheap & Chic Light Clouds by Moschino

She is carefree, light and and just a bit eccentric. She sees the world as this plain canvas that she can paint according to her taste.Moschino_Cheap_Chic_50_W

She has a peculiar taste in fashion, always the one to stand out with her DIY creations. She has a strong artistic trait that glows around her, like a neon light aura.

Her favorite season is summer. She loves the feeling of the thin cotton of her dress flutter against her bare legs.

She drinks her water seasoned with fluffy clouds and  steps out in the balmy dusk, ready to dance in the wind.

Moschino Cheap & Chic Light Clouds is light, flowery aquatic, with an irresistible freshness. It gives you inspiration to dream and write plots that convey joy. It’s the harbinger of spring, of awakening, of clear blue skies embellished with the just the right amount of clouds, to watch them become rabbits, hearts and lonesome white bears.

Notes: peach, blossom, cyclamen, lotus blossom, jasmine, rose petals, amber, soft cedar, wood, musk

Style: Fresh, Carefree

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