LIBRA September 24 – October 23- The Balancing Connoisseur  

Element: AIR

The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra, is always striving to find the perfect equilibrium between grace, wit, and just a bit of mischief.

Libra, as the most harmonious sign of the Zodiac has a penchant for the finest things in life, including perfume.

Diplomatic and measured, Libra uses beauty to level out the chaos that others try to bring into their lives. That is why the perfumes they prefer are delicate, rich and luxurious. But mostly, these fragrances need to be made using the finest ingredients and crafted in a unique manner.

Libra is probably the most adored zodiac sign because of their social, friendly, open and loving character.
Astrologers believe that Libra is delighted by creative fragrances, usually including notes of juniper, anise and violet, which will match perfectly their creative personality.

Therefore, this tranquil and elegant character will enjoy in the mastery of Flor y Canto by ArquisteRose Essentielle by Bvlgari and Foxglove by Joya. These are the fragrances that will unquestionably express their essence and will.

Flor y Canto by Arquiste is a perfume that creates a floral explosion the moment it is released from the atomizer. It is a loud, utterly romantic and sensual. The perfect balance between elegance and mischief.

Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari is a perfume that can be used as your secret weapon. When you need a sidekick in your romantic pursuits, this perfume will do its job marvelously. It is luxurious, lush and utterly sensual. Just like a rose.

When you want to feel like queen of the world: Foxglove by Joya: Decadent, unexpected and intoxicating, Foxglove is a fragrant journey into luxuriousness led by an influx of hyacinth and jasmine, before being seduced by the sultriness of white cedar extract, extravagant white musk and blood orange.


Libra women love to smell romantic and sophisticated. 

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