Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: Truth by Calvin Klein

Truth Perfume For Women By Calvin Klein Review

Perfume of the Day: Truth by Calvin Klein

Truth Perfume For Women By Calvin Klein

She is a goal setter, but never an over-achiever. She speaks the truth and knows that lies can never be sugarcoated by a white frosting.

Her mindset is revolutionary. Her feet are dancing. Her body is yearning for music.

She doesn’t blink, she is afraid that she might miss out on something. She sunbathes in the grass and knows that she fits there, in this moment, at this time.

She wears the truth on her sleeve and a heart on a necklace. Her soul is searching for a place to stay, forever, unchanged.

Her scent is just like her soul: undetectable to her, but recognized as beautiful by the ones that matter the most, and that is the TRUTH.

Spray just a bit of Calvin Klein’s Truth perfume and watch your world become the greenest, luscious garden in a realm of wild dandelions.

This is how Calvin Klein’s Truth perfume will make you feel: Fresh, Desirable, Beautiful.

Notes: bamboo, wet woods, white peony, vanilla, white amber and sandalwood.

Style: Fresh and inviting everyday scent perfect for the women who know that subtlest of perfumes sometimes speak louder than words.

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