Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: Pink Sugar Sensual by Aquolina


Perfume of the Day: Pink Sugar Sensual by Aquolina

Aquolina Pink Sugar Sensual Perfume

She sees him waiting for her on the corner, hoping that tonight they will be writing the first page of their book of love. She hopes that she will bewitch him, lock him inside her heart and throw the key in the abyss of happiness.

He sees her as his muse. She is the reason the dawn breaks, the stars fade in the morning. She is an inspiration.

She both works and plays. She believes that everything is better with a heavy dose of fun.

He knows that she slays the dragon every day, simply by existing. She tackles everything with dignity and amusement, and never waits for the knight in the shining armor to rescue her.

She is independent, confident and her own hero.

Spray a bit of Aquolina’s Pink Sugar Sensual perfume and watch how this world wobbles with excitement at your presence.

This is how Aquolina’s Pink Sugar Sensual perfume will make you feel: Sexy, Confident, Bewitching.

Notes: black currant, tangerine, bergamot, orange blossom, pink jasmine petals, tiare flowers, vanilla, black sugar and sandalwood.

Style: Bewitching alluring perfume that seduces with every dance of the olfactory atoms…

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