moschino cheap and chic petals

She is young, playful, daringly coquettish. She teases him with her juicy lips, and dances to the tunes of the street orchestra. She tucks her high hopes and desires in the pocket hidden in her pinky finger, imprinting them on his skin with every move of her hand. She knows, she wants, she plans… She is impulsive, indecisive and yet perfect just the way she is. She relishes the lightness of being herself.

This is how Moschino’s Cheap & Chic Petals perfume will make you feel: Daring, Bold and Spontaneous.

Notes: Gardenia, Waterlily, Red Orchid,Pomegranate, Wild Strawberry, Red Ginger, Hinoki Wood, Musk, Iris

Style: Utterly feminine with an unprecedented twist of youthful spontaneity.