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Perfume of the Day: D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE

Dg 3 Limperatrice Perfume Review

Perfume of the Day: D&G 3 L’IMPERATRICE

D&Amp;G 3 L'imperatrice Perfume Review

No, this is not a man’s world, she proclaims. She does not need a hero, she does not need to be rescued. All she ever needed was a man without a restless heart. She is strong, opinionated and loud. Every time she walks through a door, she raises her voice a bit, puts on her biggest smile and announces her presence. She is worthy of the attention, she is the best version of herself, she is the main character in her own book, and she is some pretty darn novelist. She knows that her life is not an open book, and she knows that when the bitter words take over the pages of the book, she can simply tear them off and start a new page. This is what makes her the empress of her life, of her book, of her heart. She wants to be a woman who changes the world, so she starts with herself first. No, this is not a man’s world!

This is how D&G’s 3 L’IMPERATRICE perfume will make you feel: Charismatic, Magnetic and Bold!

NotesRhubarb, Red Currant, Juicy Kiwi Accord, Pink Cyclamen, Fresh Watermelon Accord, Musky Notes, Sandalwood, Grapefruit Wood

Style: Hypnotizing magnetic perfume with a strong olfactory charisma!

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