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Perfume of the Day: Amethyst by Judith Leiber2 min read

10/09/2014 < 1 min read

Perfume of the Day: Amethyst by Judith Leiber2 min read

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Amethyst by Judith Leiber

She loves spending time alone, but this doesn’t mean she likes to feel lonely. She is an explorer, exploring every inch of her body, knowing by heart every centimeter of her skin. She is sparkling like a diamond, but in order to see this, you need to show her that she is the light of your life. When diamond meets light, a wonderful thing happens. She is warm, nurturing and always asks the right questions, allowing others to find the right answers all by themselves. She is a flower, decorating every room and making people smile by the thought of her. She is sometimes confused, sometimes strands off the road, but in times like these she learns that the most beautiful, wild things are find on the paths we didn’t choose for ourselves.

This is how Judith Leiber’s Amethyst perfume will make you feel: Sparkling, Sensual, Warm..

Notes:  boysenberry, bergamot and lychee, magnolia, muguet de mai, linden blossom, sheer gardenia, musk, and ambrox

Style: A bewitching mix of freshness and sensuality!

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    So good :)

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      marina ljubisavljevic

      Thank you @thangfish2003!

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      Marina Ljubisavljević

      Thank you thangfish2003:disqus !

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