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Oxford Bleu: Men’s Classic in the Making

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Oxford Bleu: Men’s Classic in the Making

Discover the English sophistication and charm with English Laundry, now on Scentbird 


Oxford Bleu, a cologne by the young British Fashion and Fragrance House – English Laundry – combines the best traits of the confident, modern man: elegant playfulness, passionate generosity and casual reticence. The soul of British fashion.

In the universal language of fragrance, Oxford Bleu stands for warm, sophisticated and distinctive, aspiring to become a true men’s classic.

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Its olfactive track is intense, circling the air around the wearer, yet keeping it inconspicuously cool. The clean nature of Oxford Bleu is a scented dedication to a man of strong personality, and his casual but at the same time refined style expressed in the vivid and natural notes of the fragrance itself.

Top notes of mint, green apple and lemon are the bearers of lively freshness and instant lightness. The sweetness of iris and tonka bean are determined to overtake the freshness and replace it with a pure fragrant energy, which then settles into a nice, masculine vibe, supported by the inclusion of vetiver, vanilla, sandalwood and oakmoss in the base of the cologne.

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Staying true to the rules of English sophistication and subtle seduction, the olfactive identity of Oxford Bleu retains the visible and prestigious personality present throughout the evolution of men’s fragrances.

Cambridge Bottle

Cambridge Knight is an olfactive articulation of masculine sensuality, a smooth lover coming from the bottle. Unlike Oxford Bleu, which tends to play it cool, Cambridge Knight is a warm, spicy concoction with an outstanding quality.

With notes like Musk, Jasmine, Bay Leaf, Guaiac Wood, Cedar and Blackcurrant, Cambridge Knight is a weapon for mass seduction.


Signature For Him is an unpretentious fragrance exuding understated elegance and edginess, best suited for young and driven men as they enjoy their nights out. The notes of  bergamot, lemon, lavender and cedarwood, nutmeg and coriander, sandalwood, vetiver, musk and amber reveal themselves in a silent and unending flow of different, unexpected accords.

Very sexy, smoldering warm, strong yet soft at the middle, it’s a summer favorite for the night owls.

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Christopher Wicks, the creator of this powerhouse in the making, exerts mastery over his ambitions and always delivers masterpieces in various, not just olfactive, forms. English Laundry is on the path to worldwide recognition in the microcosmos of perfumery, treating its customers with fragrances of outstanding quality marked with undeniable English sophistication.

Currently, Scentbird offers these three fragrances signed by English Laundry: Cambridge Knight, Oxford Bleu and Signature For Him, with the intention of expanding this portfolio with more amazing fragrances.

Rub just a bit of these fragrances on your skin, and surely some of the English sophistication will rub off on you.

Join Scentbird now and experience the elegance in a bottle.


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