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On Our Radar: Hermetica Paris

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On Our Radar: Hermetica Paris

Clean, green, and long-lasting, Hermetica Paris scents are a triumph of creativity over convention, with the ability to perfume and hydrate skin simultaneously. 

In a true alchemic process, Hermetica Paris fragrances transform on the skin, and they are no longer a simple tool that will uplift your spirits and charm your senses. No, they are far from being a private affair, with a heavy accent placed on the green, environmentally-friendly chemistry that’s good for your skin, for you, and the planet. 

Hermetica represents a new approach in the manufacture of fragrances that combines nature and chemistry. Powerful fragrances, gentle to the skin, environmentally friendly, combining history and modernity,” said Clara Molloy, a Parisian-Catalan poet, and co-founder of Hermetica Paris.

Like the alchemists quest for the formula that transforms stone into gold, Clara and John Molloy spent years trying to develop the ultimate perfume elixir: Nature, bottled in all its glory. The genius formula? A combination of the best of nature and modern molecules chosen instead of a natural counterpart to preserve it: a conscious step towards creating sustainable and green fragrances.

Unlike traditional perfumes that use alcohol to bring the fragrance to your nose like a rocket, Hermetica uses a unique patented technology to release the full heart of the fragrance with a certain tempo; it’s like the difference between smelling a glass of whisky and a glass of champagne. It’s a refined version,” said Hermetica Paris co-founder, John

Unlike traditional fragrances that need to settle and dry on the skin to reveal the scent’s essence, a Hermetica Paris scent immediately reveals the heart of the fragrance. 

We currently have three long-lasting and moisturizing fragrances in our Scentbird catalog, including the famed Source1 – a unique scent that can be worn on its own or layered with any fragrance to give it a modern and vibrant twist.

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