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October Cologne of the Month: Caswell-Massey LX482 min read

09/17/2018 2 min read
Steve Johnson


October Cologne of the Month: Caswell-Massey LX482 min read

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ScentbirdCaswell-Massey is an American classic when it comes to quality fragrances.  They are the oldest fragrance house in the U.S., since 1752 as a matter of fact. So they know a thing or two about how to create elegant, masculine scents with a sense of sophistication and history.

What Caswell-Massey does with traditional men’s style is why you should have them on your radar now. Leather, tobacco, cedar, and oakmoss are the backbone of quality men’s colognes, and in Caswell-Massey’s LX48 release, all of these notes are glossed to the ultimate expression of regal masculinity.

LX48 conjures up images of polished leather chairs, private gentleman’s clubs, and serious exclusivity. The notes all exude nonchalant luxury, and are blended in a way that is both distinctly up-to-the-minute modern and stylishly retro. Pair this one with your weekend wear or save it for when you need to present your power side at work – it will shine either way, and make you smell and feel fantastic.




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