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October 2020 Perfume of the Month: Sandalwood in Oak by Scents of Wood


October 2020 Perfume of the Month: Sandalwood in Oak by Scents of Wood

Our highly awaited exclusive collaboration with niche brand Scents of Wood has arrived.

Drawing inspiration from forest trees and their soul-nurturing qualities, Scents of Wood fragrances are unique, luxurious and crafted to perfection. And with just one whiff, they take you by the hand and guide you into the woods. 

Imagine a forest thick with fog, the air fresh, so fresh you actually feel like breathing, breathing for the first time…The Japanese call it shinrin-yoku (“forest bathing”), taking in nature with all of our senses. Scents of Wood takes that feel together with few of the most luxurious ingredients, combine them together and place them in wooden barrels to perfect their composition. The result? Our Perfume of the Month for October 2020 – Sandalwood in Oak.

Sandalwood In Oak

“It is fascinating to me that the art of perfumery, which is thousands of years old, continues to find ways of reinventing itself. Scents of Wood is the embodiment of that never-ending process. With Sandalwood in Oak, I was given complete freedom to paint the portrait of one of my favorite notes, and explore its delightful complexity all the way to the amazing final touch brought by using organic alcohol aged in an oak barrel. It was such a fulfilling creative process.”

Mackenzie Reilly

Sandalwood in Oak is a transcending scent of sage ritually melded with guaiac wood and musk, all of which is accented with the dry, mystical aroma of sandalwood. There’s also burnt sugar and vanilla, coming together for a dose of subtly sweet yet very sexy perfume. 

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  1. Avatar Of Michael Adcock

    Michael Adcock

    I didnt receive my cologne that I pay for . The post said it was delivered on august 12th 2020, to my address, but I didn't receive it personally. The post office sent me a letter regarding my package being delivered to my address and they said it was delivered and that its possible that someone else may have gotten, so I am wondering if u guys come send me a another cologne Versace to replace first the one I didnt receive.

  • Avatar Of Geoclyn Williams

    Geoclyn Williams

    I love, love, love the Scents of Wood - Sandalwood in Oak. Is it possible to order a full size bottle of this scent?

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