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November 2020 Newness Roundup


November 2020 Newness Roundup

As always, our new fragrances drop on the 9th of every month, and November’s going to be pretty scent-sational. Here’s a preview of all the new notes, brands and scents to know, starting next week!

We almost feel like we should be rolling out the red carpet for the biggest new arrival on Scentbird this year, so no talks of 2020 being the worst, please. The fragrance in question has been topping the bestseller lists for the last ten years, so yes, we know you will be pleased.

Next we have a Los Angeles-based brand that caters to the needs of people who are sensitive to perfume, but these scents are so good, they are literally for everyone.

A fragrance house that celebrates the scents of Mediteranean will make you crave azure blue waters, mega yachts and natives with a rolling r’s. Maybe not in that order.

And since the holidays are the time to slow down and reflect, we brought a perfumery brand that explores memories, times that have passed and places that we are yet to visit. Probably the most sentimental fragrances we’ve ever tried. 

Our fan favorites, Acqua di Parma and Room 1015 are proudly introducing two new arrivals that we’re sure you’ll add to your queue immediately.

Check your emails.

Check the blog.

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November is going to be BIG.

And smell beautifully. Stay tuned!

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