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Do Not Miss These Amazing Scentbird Black Friday Deals

Scentbird Black Friday

Do Not Miss These Amazing Scentbird Black Friday Deals

Nothing brightens our day more than a meaningful present or a compliment. Well, with Scentbird’s Black Friday offers, we’re sure you’ll get both.

If this year you’ve decided to give someone a present that will hit all the right notes, we offer you our help to stay committed to the goal of doing just that. And get a little extra for yourself also.

First stop: Scentbird’s Gift Set webpage:

Carefully curated by our editors, each gift set was created to capture the essence of the wearer. You can choose between eight gift sets For Her and five For Him. With only the best Scentbird Black Friday deal, you can get 2 Gift Sets for $99 (pick any 2 gift sets and discount applies automatically at checkout- you can mix and match men’s and women’s). Each gift set is individually priced at $59.95 with absolutely free shipping, so you will get to spend the holidays making someone happy, smell amazing and with some money in your pocket.

Next stop: Scentbird’s Skincare Set webpage:

For the beauty addict in your life or in your mirror, Scentbird launched its premium skincare sets just in time for the holidays. Each skincare set is loaded with advanced skincare products to help you or your loved ones enhance the daily skincare routine, with an added bonus: scents so divine that work wonders for your skin, beauty and well-being.

All of the skincare sets include a free beauty bag. Or, buy three or more skincare products in our shop, and we’ll send you this brand new Beauty Bag for FREE with your purchase.

And just in case you haven’t given us a chance to wow you, we have come up with a truly awesome welcome-to-our-community Black Friday deal:

For a limited time only, NEW SCENTBIRD SUBSCRIBERS will receive the second month of their Scentbird monthly subscription FREE after paying for the first month.

Talking about the best welcome abroad deal!


Give yourself a gift of pure luxury in the form of high quality fragrances and skincare products. Seize this opportunity and experience opulence firsthand, only with Scentbird.

Do not miss out on the amazing deals.

PS: there are more surprises to come, so keep your eyes peeled!

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