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New to Scentbird: Must-Have Fragrances for December



New to Scentbird: Must-Have Fragrances for December

New month, news scents. From spicy to floral and fresh, there’s something for everyone, so make sure to check out these stellar new arrivals available on site right now.

Bon Parfumeur

ScentbirdFrench perfume house renown for luxe mix-and-match fragrances, perfect for layering.

Bon Parfumeur’s 101 will delight green scent fans and classic rose perfume aficionados equally.  A light and refreshing sweet pea note wrapped in sparkling rose petals leaps from the top of this wondrous eau de parfum – a delicious combination that floats elegantly over a subtle layer of sheer, dry white cedar.

Bon Parfumeur’s 302 is a must-have for gourmand fragrance fiends who don’t mind a little shot of fiery spice mixed in to their sweet scents. A velvety, rich, and delectable amber and sandalwood accord drapes this eau de parfum in deliciously distracting dessert notes, spiked with cardamom’s inner fire.

Bon Parfumeur’s 602 combines subtle waves of sharp pepper, deep patchouli, and bright cedar into a delicious and dry blend of desert tones.  The cedar and patchouli pairing is elevating and mysterious, and the pepper provides an earthly oasis in this exotic, spice-fueled whirlwind.


Defineme All

Ultra-femme, empowering perfumes with a feel-good vibe, made from all-natural ingredients.

Clara is feminine perfume at its most tender: petal-soft lilacs and powdery violets wrapped in sweet hibiscus flower. Clara is a must-have for lovers of bright, powdered florals. Violet fans in particular will adore this charming, silky-soft perfume.

Payton’s autumnal feel floats on a deep and spicy blend of sweet orange blossom and clove’s welcoming warmth. Hints of musk and a sheer layer of mimosa accent the spice with their bright and inviting energy.

Sofia Isabel is a sweet floral confection that unfolds in waves of sparkling sugar and rich, creamy jasmine. A shot of spicy, dark black currant and yummy mandarin citrus balance the delicious candy shop feel of this flirtatious gourmand fragrance.

Kenneth Cole

Kc Trio

Iconic, urban unisex fragrances.

Need to relax and unwind? Kenneth Cole Serenity embraces you with a feeling of warmth, calm, and comfort. This sensual fragrance will leave your mind at ease with its smooth blend of modern woods, white amber, and plush peonies.

For the go-getter or thrill seeker, Kenneth Cole Energy packs a refreshing, bright punch to power through your day. Energizing neroli, orange flower and magnolia lead into an enhancing and vibrant floral heart of translucent jasmine for an instant pick-me-up.

When you need to bring your A-game, Kenneth Cole Intensity delivers with a mysterious, seductive, and long-lasting allure. A piquant burst of ginger amplifies your senses along with accents of modern woods and skin-sheer musk.

Anthony BrandsAnthony 1

Super-luxe grooming brand at the intersection of skincare & fragrance, made from the finest botanical ingredients.

Anthony No. 1’s bright Calabrian lemon and Guatamalan cardamom pair off against smooth, clean lavender and Haitian vetiver. A smoldering base of rich sandalwood and woody cypriol generates a subtle heat in this deep and satisfying new cologne.

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