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New to Scentbird: Gendarme Fragrance

Gendarme Fragrance Brand


New to Scentbird: Gendarme Fragrance

 Clean, crisp, and fresh, the iconic brand Gendarme fragrance is serving up all the ingredients you need to smell and feel utterly good.

Topper Schroeder had long searched for a clean, fresh scent, which was at this time was unique and new to the fragrance world. with some guidance and no experience in the art of perfumery, he developed Gendarme. A clean, crisp, fresh scent and minimalistic bottle, Gendarme led the way for future “clean” fragrances. Thirty- eight years later, Gendarme fragrances has become an iconic brand. It has influenced the best, most well-known fragrances in today’s market. Gendarme continues to be the Purveyor of some of the most amazing scents.

The legendary Gendarme fragrance is now on Scentbird

Gendarme Fragrance Bottle

Citrus for freshness, jasmine for sensuality, and leather for refinement, all blended into one iconically suave cologne.

The Signature Scent of Gendarme fragrance opens with an initial blast of “Green”. The crisp citrus top notes of lemon, lime and bergamot give its well-known fresh scent. The blend of jasmine and lilac add a complex mid-note of sweet musk. The dry down of leather and lingering jasmine completes the unique scent of what is Gendarme. There Is nothing like it. Always crisp clean fresh.

Try the Gendarme Fragrance here.

Gendarme Grabazzi is also in attendance

Gendarme Grabazzi Fragrance

Italian in style, self-assured in nature, embodied by a unique blend of notes and a name that rolls off the tongue.

For the bold, the initial spray of Grabazzi is seductively sweet with notes of cola berry and hints of citrus. The warm, woody spice of clove and pepper deepens the alluring aroma, echoing its signature amber color. A dry down of myrrh, leather and musk linger to add more to its persuasive nature.

Add the Gendarme Grabazzi fragrance to your que here.

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