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New to Scentbird: Blushing by Norell

Norell Blushing


New to Scentbird: Blushing by Norell

The house of Norell stands for everything glamorous in America: Hollywood stars, NYC nightlife, sharp suits and sequined dresses. In the 1960’s, anyone who WAS anyone wore Norell suits, gowns, and fragrances. This is a perfume house with a pedigree.

Scentbird is proud to announce that we are now offering the third release, entitled Blushing. To wear Norell is to wear the flash from a reporter’s camera, the glitter of a well-made gown, and the downtown drama that could only come from a New York designer.

Norell’s Blushing opens with juicy, sparkling nectarine, mandarin, and a refreshing, watery pear note. The inspiration for this fragrance was the dazzling light effects from the sequined gowns Norman Norell made for his most privileged clients, and the citrusy rush mirrors the sparkling, bejeweled tailoring.

But the juicy and scintillating start soon gives way to an opulent heart of Damask roses, delicate orange flower, and creamy, limpid jasmine. Norell says that they distill over 500 individual Damask rose petals for each bottle of Blushing, and the classic, soft voluptuousness of a rose scent suffuses Blushing from the very beginning.

The dry down features a creamy birch note echoing the plush jasmine, as well as vanilla and sandalwood. Blushing is as much about its full, creamy, feel as it is about its abundant rose-infused sensuality.

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