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New to Scentbird: Meet Cypress by rag & bone

Rag Bone Cypress


New to Scentbird: Meet Cypress by rag & bone

NYC fashion trendsetters rag & bone have recently released their first line of fine fragrances, and Scentbird is proud to announce that we have added Cypress, with its floral/woody profile, to our collection from this sophisticated brand.

Fans of rag & bone’s fragrances will appreciate the vivid tones and rich texture in Cypress’s refreshing combination of cool geranium with cardamom’s exotic heat. Bright, zested grapefruit complements the crisp woodsy feel of Cypress with its appealing acidity, while soft violets in the heart provide the plush background. Dark, earthy vetiver and patchouli’s herbal appeal finish this warm floral fragrance with a spicy flourish.

Cypress is a memory of the Mediterranean, and the abundance of fragrant trees and flowers in southern France. Its spicy warmth and cool floral nuances are just what you need to stay cozy and keep out the winter chill.


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