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New Scent Arrivals July 2021

Born In July

New Scent Arrivals July 2021

The temperature has skyrocketed and things are heating up with loads of new-season scents to love.

We’re staying tight-lipped till tomorrow when these scents will officially be available on the website, but here are some of the things you need to know about the drop: expect an exclusive fragrance launch from an even more exclusive American designer, two blazing hot arrivals from Confessions of a Rebel, Lavanila’s homage to Provence, plus drops from powerhouse name like Etat Libre d’Orange. 

Clear some space in your queue. You’re going to need it…

Can’t decide which ones to try first? Scentbird subscription upgrade plan enables you to order up to three products per month: choose between different scents and let’s light up this season on fire. 

Now go and shift that queue!

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