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New Fragrance Arrivals in April


New Fragrance Arrivals in April

As always, our new fragrances drop on the 8th of every month, and April’s going to be pretty scent-sational. Here’s a preview of all the new notes to know, starting next week!

by/Rosie Jane

New fragrances: Angie, James and Leila Lou

Founded by celebrity makeup artist Rosie Jane Johnston, by/Rosie Jane is beloved for its small-batch scents made from sustainably sourced essential oils. Totally new to Scentbird, by/Rosie Jane was envisioned as a love letter to Los Angeles.

Angie is floral fragrance that layers honeysuckle, jasmine and fig. Cozy and fruity, James is filled with gardenia, amber, and fig, while Leila Lou is a gorge spring perfume, featuring pear, jasmine and freshly cut grass.

Floris London

New fragrances: Bergamotto di Positano, Cefiro, and Santal

Floris London is one of the oldest and most respected fragrance houses in England – in fact one of their clients was Winston Churchill, among others.

Bergamotto di Positano’s inviting blend of orange blossom, ambrette seed and green tea is a totally timeless pick that’s part citrusy and just a little bit green. Cefiro is a sheer citrus scent that blends bergamot, lemon, lime, mandarin, orange and works well on men or women,  Santal is all about exotic spices balanced by woody notes and lavender, otherwise known as Date Night in a bottle.

Regime des Fleurs Oahu Collection

New fragrances: Vines, Falls, and Leis

Called Personal/Space, Oahu Collection is Regime des Fleurs’ first line of multipurpose fragrance—“for skin, hair, and the air,” according to Alia Raza, the brand’s cofounder.

Vine is an aromatic fruity fragrance that opens with a fusion of herbs, leading into notes of overripe citrus and fig for an addictive finish.

An aquatic scent with spicy undertones, Falls blends water, green mist, and wet jungle moss with tropical spices. It’s a truly dewy scent reminiscent of Hawaiian waterfall and its lush tropical flora.

A floral bouquet of ginger lily, pua kini kini, frangipani, tuberose, jasmine sambac introduce Leis, followed by black salt and subtly sweet ambergris, the base for the perfect vacation scent.

Each scent feels like an exotic escape to Hawaii, maybe even better (we promise).

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