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Meet Roja Parfums3 min read

03/27/2019 2 min read
Steve Johnson


Meet Roja Parfums3 min read

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One of the funnest and most glamorous things about perfume is how expensive and luxurious you feel wearing it.  Some perfumes you wear because they smell good and are easy to match with everyday outfits, but you also need a couple of scents that up your game every time you put them on. Roja Parfums fit that need and then some.

Roja Parfums is an English niche line that is completely synonymous with top-tier luxury. Their perfumes are meticulously blended and ultra-sheer – you immediately and easily sense the level of quality put into each release. The perfumers artistry is on full display – even though these fragrances appear ethereal and light, you can detect each note individually, as if the fragrance were a watercolor painting.  There is both delicate subtlety and enormous presence in this brand’s work.

Scentbird is truly excited to carry Roja Parfums, and we cannot recommend both Elixir Pour Femme and Elysium Parfum Cologne strongly enough. Here’s a taste of what to expect from both:

Elixir’s subtle yet undeniable sensuality unfurls with buttery, lush jasmine and dark roses and sweet ylang-ylang over a bed of soft cinnamon, smooth sandalwood, and warm vanilla tones.  The floral notes are gently spiced so that the decadent depth of the jasmine is front and center.

Elysium is one of the freshest and most refined citrus colognes in our catalog.  Sheer grapefruit, lime, lemon, bergamot, and a hint of musk fade into a floral heart of light rose and jasmine notes.  Hints of vetiver, cedar, and pink pepper lend this finely-blended cologne a dash of spicy intrigue.

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