Matching Colors, Personality Types and Perfumes

Fragrance As A Seduction Tool

Matching Colors, Personality Types and Perfumes

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Not that long ago, I made a really interesting personal discovery: I tend to judge a perfume by its color, rather than its bottle.

OK, I am talking about the first impression, and of course I would get myself personally acquainted with the actual fragrance before I decide to buy or bypass it. But, if you would take a look at my perfume tray, the first thing you would notice is the color pink.

Yes, 90% of the perfumes I own are pink. And my BFF only buys yellow liquid perfumes. She told me this reassures her about the perfume being high-quality. Oh, and the funniest thing is that I dedicated an entire blog entry to the color pink and the most beautiful 10 pink perfumes, and somehow I missed the writing on the wall. Or, should I say, the pinkish hue on the wall…

Perfumes mirror our personality

So, the scent detective I am, I decided to dig into the matter closely.

Even birds on the branches know that perfumes mirror its wearer’s personality. Still, have you ever wondered what makes you like certain perfume?

If you asked me a few days ago, I would boastfully tell you: duh, the perfume notes. Today, after a lot of detective work, I say: its color and its notes.

Colors reflect our emotional state

Did you know that perfumers are also color psychologists? They know that the colors we choose tend to be a manifestation of our mood and emotional state.

Well, if science says so….

Even scientists have become so interested in this whole thing, they tested the link between different personality types, favorite color and preferable scent (Psychologists Dr. Joachim Mensing and Christa Beck of the Research Institute for Applied Aesthetics in Freiburg, West Germany).

So no, chance has nothing to do with the selection of our perfumes.

Of course, it’s not just mood or a specific emotional state that influences our choice of fragrances. The lifestyle and fashion style and even season plays a massive role in the final decision of our perfume selection.

Nevertheless, if perfumers and scientists say colors are really important factor, then they probably are (says the girl with a large collection of pink perfumes).

In order to test this theory, try googling the “color rosette test” created by the aforementioned scientists, take the test and see if the personality to color preference to fragrance preferences triangle is true or not.

Have fun and do not forget to come back here and write all about your results.

Would love to read all about it!


  1. Avatar Of Allison @Neversaydiebeauty

    Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I like deep, spicy Oriental fragrances so I tend to go for the brownish colored ones, and yes, that is often how I choose the ones to sniff or try in stores. Looking forward to the next installment on this topic!

  • Marina Ljubisavljevic

    Thanks Allison for the interesting comment. I am a giggly bubbly person, and I like fruity and gourmand scents, so it looks like I am drawn to the THINK PINK perfumes.

  • Avatar Of Mariam Yafai

    mariam yafai

    thankyou for the information , i would like to aske what are the best pigments for perfume

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