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March 2021 Cologne of the Month: TUMI Awaken

Tumi Awaken

March 2021 Cologne of the Month: TUMI Awaken

Drawing inspiration from the desire for adventure, TUMI Awaken Eau de Parfum thrills with its refreshing, revitalizing, and energetic medley of notes. 

This Eau de Parfum is truly built for global citizens and filled with a case full of energy, from the opening top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and coriander. The sleek, vivacious profile leaps out from the first spray – making it a not so subtle, laid-back scent by any means. It has an inner fire that demands you keep up right from the start.

Tumi Awaken

After the initial citrus meets spice intro fades, a mild and bracing heart of clary sage, fir needle, and a hint of cypress emerges. 

The dry down moves from aromatic sophistication to layers of smoky frankincense, patchouli, and cedarwood. 

TUMI Awaken takes the best from the refreshing, revitalizing, and stimulating fragrance playbook and updates it for the adventure-driven 21st century man – whether you long for the open road or just an open seat on the subway.

In addition to Awaken, Scentbird also carries TUMI’s Unwind eau de parfum for another brisk take on the aromatic style, featuring notes of lemon, ginger, and a distinctive accord of oud and sandalwood in the base.

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