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Just In: February 2021 New Arrivals


Just In: February 2021 New Arrivals

Whatever, Cupid! Our brand new drops pull out all the stops to make your heart beat with every spritz. 


Izia La Nuit

For the sophisticated woman who knows opulence when she smells it, this can’t be beat.

It is a hypnotic blend of a night-blooming rose, black currant, florals, and vanilla, where all the ingredients work in synergy to reveal a scent with an emotional complexity, extravagance, and a dash of sultriness.  

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Sexy Garrigue

Sexy Garrigue is a sinfully playful scent, made for sharing with your beloved, ideally skin on skin. 

In the words of Veronique Gabai: “Night falls; with it, rises the yearning for an embrace, for whispers and caresses… Skin against skin. The desire is fueled by the sensual heat wave coming from the Mediterranean forest, we call Garrigue, sprawling outside the house, charged with the noble and hypnotic scents of the cyst labdanum, Alep trees, patchouli, aromatic plants, golden resins, and deep amber.”

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VINCE CAMUTO Illuminare Intensa

Illuminare Intensa

If you really want to romance yourself, give yourself a floral bouquet in the form of Vince Camuto’s Illuminare Intensa.

A fruity floral fragrance that revolves around a petal-powered heart, together with a flash of fruits, spices, amber, vanilla, and mus, Illuminare Intensa Is an addictive and charismatic scent. 

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