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Just Because…

National Just Because Day Perfumes

Just Because…

Here’s some good news (thankfully!): today’s Just Because national holiday, which means today you should be spontaneous and do things just because. Things like:

Just Because You’re Bored, Try A New Makeup Look:

Loaded with color-rich pigments and over-the-top opulence, 13 Modern Romance makeup deck is a sultry marriage of romantic pastels and charismatic neutrals. You can play with eyeshadows on your lips, and swap the cheek colors for eyeshadows. For research purposes, it’s only fair you try them all in all different ways.

To try it for yourself, add it to your queue:

Just Because You Want To Smell Amazing, Try Confessions of a Rebel:

A rebel for one day or rebel with a calling, Confessions of a Rebel is here to outmatch your passion. With fragrances that speak to you, wearing them is like an open invitation to be your truest self. 

To read more about the brand, go to our dedicated brand page:

Just Because It’s The Middle of The Summer It Doesn’t Mean You Cannot Be Someone’s Secret Santa

Make someone’s day feel extra special with a thoughtful gift. We know that fragrance can be quite personal, so let them choose. Gift cards start at $50 and can be used towards anything on the site: gift sets, subscriptions or makeup products. Or even better, go with a Scentbird subscription. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a year’s supply of fragrance.

As a member, your loved one will get to choose the items they want to receive monthly.

To try it for yourself, visit our gift page:

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