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Just Arrived: Cool Scents for Scorching Hot Summer

New Summer Scents

Just Arrived: Cool Scents for Scorching Hot Summer

Summer might be off to a slow start, but these brand-new scents are heating up this season.

Love High

Love High by Confessions Of A Rebel

Confessions Of A Rebel is here with Love High, a modern-day icon for the fragrance-obsessed. Orange blossom is laced with peach nectar, sandalwood, and cedar for an utterly sensual scent journey. Sweet apple adds a tempting bite, making this one light for day and oh-so bright for midnight.  

Juliette Has A Gun Eau De Parfum Vanilla Vibes

Vanilla Vibes by Juliette Has A Gun

Smells like watching the waves roll in with a cool drink in hand.  Juliette Has A Gun’s latest scent fuses sandalwood, vanilla and sea salt for that neverending vacay vibe.


West by Ellis Brooklyn

West by Ellis Brooklyn is the perfect companion for sun-soaked days spent with a good book. Featuring a cocktail of clementines, bright ginger and amber, the citrusy notes are enhanced with notes of basil and vetiver in the dry down. Think hazy days road tripping up the California coastline, and you’ll understand this gem.  

Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari by Elie Tahari

The first fragrance by designer  Elie Tahari is floral, airy and refreshingly feminine. Tea blossom mix with juicy bergamot is heightened with velvety musk in this elegant, wearable scent – best for a summer wedding.

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  1. Avatar Of Linda K.

    Linda K.

    I love fresh clean scents. I’m so glad you have the brand Juliette’s got a gun. It seems to me so far that that brand has a lot of that scent that I love so much. The best scent is called NOT A PERFUME . It smells like you just stepped out of the shower It’s hard to find. I usually get it at Sephora online only. They sell a pack of samples of that brand so I bought it and I love just about everyone of their scents but your prices are much better for the full bottle so that’s good to know for the future. I love SCENTBIRD! It’s the best if your a perfume lover like I am!

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