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June 2021 Cologne of the Month: BENTLEY FOR MEN SILVERLAKE

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June 2021 Cologne of the Month: BENTLEY FOR MEN SILVERLAKE

Precision, design, and power are at the heart of every Bentley creation, and our June 2021 Cologne of the Month: Bentley For Men Silverlake is no exception.

The concept

He knows what he’s capable of. And he’s always ready to prove it. Independent and determined, he’s at home in boardrooms or business lounges of airports. But it is when he gets back to nature that he is most truly himself Breathing in bracing mountain air.

From a rolled-down window. Pausing for a moment of self- reflection, as he gazes into the silver mirror of an Alpine lake. Always looking for the deeper meaning of what he does.

Looking at the world with a fresh eye. Limits are there to be challenged. Borders to be crossed. His free spirit is expressed by the cool, bracing accents of his signature Fragrance.

More than a scent. An attitude. Bentley for Men Silverlake.

The fragrance

Between lakes and mountains, a breathtaking landscape unfolds before your eyes… So roll down the windows and let the air flow in.

A neoteric Fragrance that embodies this strong sensation, like a fresh wind blowing through an aromatic forest surrounding an icy lake.

Bentley Silverlake

The fragrance opens on the invigorating freshness of lemon and mint, enhanced by slightly aldehydic facets. A powerful aromatic duo of violet leaves and lavender meets pink pepper in heart, leading the way to a very masculine trail of modern ambery woods and musks.

Both fresh and deeply comfortable, it is a concentrate of sophistication and modernity.

The bottle

Bentley Silverlake

Designed to reflect the lines and curves of a Bentley motorcar, the rounded form of the For Men bottle takes on a sleek new elegance with Silverlake, reflecting the cool accords of the new fragrance.

Lacquered in silver, the lozenge shaped body of the flacon becomes as reflective as che mirrored surface of a mountain lake, and half-transparent, half-opaque like its crystalline waters. Its shiny surface echoes the polished silver metal shoulders of the bottle, embossed with the striking Bentley emblem, the “Flying B”. The silver cap is ringed with Bentley’s signature knurling.

The shiny, sky-blue box reprises the motif at the top, with a band of textured blue knurling. Hot-stamped in silver, black and white, the “Flying B” seems to soar over the name of the scent, inscribed in silver against the blue background.

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