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July 2020 Perfume of the Month: Fantasia Mermaid by Anna Sui

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July 2020 Perfume of the Month: Fantasia Mermaid by Anna Sui

We consider each spray of Anna Sui fragrances to be Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. Oh yes, the fantasy realms of our childhood tales come alive thanks to the iconic designer’s enchanted fragrances. After giving us a glimpse of a land where unicorns roam free, thanks to our July 2020 Perfume of the Month we all get an exclusive invitation to become a part of Fantasia Mermaid’s world. 

Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid

Like a siren’s tail, the citruses are glistening in the opening, with a flair of pepper that lures you in closer. The heart of the fragrance is feminine and playful, all about a mouthwatering raspberry praline backdropped by fragile floral bouquet. In drydown cypress and cedarwood add a depth to the fragrance, because there’s no room for shallow living in this olfactive fantasy. 

In the words of Christian Provenzano, the perfumer who concocted Fantasia Mermaid:

 I was inspired by a spell-binding peony note, wishing to create a diffusive floral scent with flirty fruity touches that convey femininity with a fantasy and seductive silky feel.

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