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Joanna Vargas Talks Skincare Heroes & Celeb Faves on Scentbird



Joanna Vargas Talks Skincare Heroes & Celeb Faves on Scentbird

Here at Scentbird, we’re always looking for new ways to upgrade our at-home beauty rituals with innovative and efficacious products. When we learned Joanna Vargas was launching four must-have items from her sought-after skincare line on Scentbird, we only had one question: when?! 

Renown for her ultra-luxe salons frequented by celebs, Joanna Vargas’ results-driven facials and clean skincare products help nourish, hydrate and pamper the skin.  

1.What made you want to expand from spas to products?

I wanted my products to be luxurious in experience, and for clients to feel like they were getting a piece of my services from the salon at home with every use. The key to skin care is simple, and despite people becoming increasingly savvy with their routines and products, I wanted to create a line that is effective, simple, and non-invasive. I developed my skincare collection because I wanted good nutrition for the skin and products that multi-task when I use them.

2.What’s your can’t-live-without product and why?

Face Masks. I literally use a face mask every night, and they are incredible for travel. I encourage my clients to use them on the plane. They are great for a quick boost before vacation and I really love them right before you do makeup to make the skin look flawless. I always bring extras for the flight attendants too! My Twilight Face Mask is especially great for summer travel because it helps soothe redness & dehydration from sun exposure. 

3.What beauty movements/ingredients are you into right now?

I’m really into Vitamin C every summer. It helps reduce brown spots from pigmentation, and even increases the efficacy of your SPF. I packed my Vitamin C Face Wash and Rescue Serum with high-powered Vitamin C, and both are products that can be used day and night. 

4.What product do your celeb clients request most?

Supernova Serum. It’s a highly effective retinol that doesn’t cause peeling or redness – because really, celebs don’t have time for that and neither do we. Supernova has soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients that support the skin while the retinol is working, so it won’t get too red or too dry.

5.The Fountain of Youth is:

It has always been my understanding as a facialist or skincare professional, that you have to take care of your whole body, not just the skin on your face. People have been ignoring body care, I think people tend to imagine it as less necessary or at least less vital. The one thing I always remind clients is that the skin is an organ and needs care all over. Caring for the skin from head to toe will help you look & feel better overall. 

6.Any beauty secrets?

There’s no magic solution, but by using the right products and completing the same steps every day, anyone can feel beautiful. Also, chlorophyll – drink it, eat it, apply it. It’s my personal beauty secret.


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