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Japanese Agarwood by Lisa Hoffman: Swathed in Serenity2 min read

08/26/2016 2 min read

Japanese Agarwood by Lisa Hoffman: Swathed in Serenity2 min read

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Japanese Agarwood by Lisa Hoffman

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Each scent in Lisa Hoffman’s diverse fragrance line has been crafted to capture the essence of her favorite destinations from around the world. Japanese Agarwood transports women to the essence of tranquil Japan in an olfactive form, arousing clarity and zen.

Inspired by the clean, mysterious amalgam of scents that fills up the forest air after a downpour, Japanese Agarwood is zesty, warm and invigorating.

Beautifully balanced, vibrant notes of ginger and bergamot are mixed with earthy nuances of warm amber and sweet agarwood.

Like a breath of fresh air, Lisa Hoffman delivers the purest sensation, swathed in refined serenity.

Japanese Agarwood is a gentle touch of nature settling on your skin.

Japanese Agarwood by Lisa Hoffman on Scentbird

For the lovers of unique scented creations, this particular fragrance by Lisa Hoffman is a must-try.

A match made in perfumery heaven, September and Japanese Agarwood are a winning combo, so do not forget to put it in your queue on time.

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