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It’s International Fragrance Day! 8 Celebratory Scents, Right Here

International Fragrance Day

It’s International Fragrance Day! 8 Celebratory Scents, Right Here

Was there ever a better day than this? Not in the Scentbird HQ! International Fragrance Day is here, and to celebrate it, we’ve got an edit of our best-selling, luxe scents that remind us why we love fragrance so much. 

SISLEY-Paris Izia La Nuit

Izia La Nuit

For the sophisticated woman who knows opulence when she smells it, this can’t be beat.

It is a hypnotic blend of a night-blooming rose, black currant, florals, and vanilla, where all the ingredients work in synergy to reveal a scent with an emotional complexity, extravagance, and a dash of sultriness.  

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ATELIER COLOGNE Clémentine California


This joyous fragrance puts a blast of clementine and orange into the spotlight, while a spicy tang of notes grounds the effervescent citrus.

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House of CREED Aventus

Aventus For Men By Creed

Legendary, bold and unpredictable, its mix of pineapple, patchouli, musk, and ambergris is reserved only for those who seek absolutely the best in scent and savor a life well-lived.

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Amberbee 1

Playing between light and dark, Amberbee takes the warm, sensual amber on a tour through woody notes, powder accords, and zesty bergamot. 

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Fracas is all about tuberose, the note known for its unabashed, raw seduction, and its placement against hypnotic blend of jasmine and gardenia. White flowers, rose, and orange build on the passion, with the whole concoction climaxing with the addition of sandalwood and musk.

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Sky Anna Sui

Soft petals dripping with juiciness and unexpected popcorn notes evoke a sense of victorious and uplifting optimism, because only the sky’s the limit. 

This eau de parfum combines the juiciness of pear, pink pepper, and bergamot with aromas of lily-of-the-valley, rose, and lotus to capture and convey the ultimate feeling of hope. At the base, you will be excited to find popcorn notes and drops of white musk and vanilla.

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Palazzo Nobile Fizzy Mint

A burst of freshness… An explosion of citrusy notes… Fizzy Mint sparkles with brightness and joy. Crushed mint leaves, verbena and bergamot give an incredible tang to this vibrant interpretation of the “Cologne”.

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SKYLAR Vanilla Sky


The rich, sumptuous aroma of vanilla and cappuccino will instantaneously wrap your senses with its warm, sensory overindulgence. The mix together forms a feel-good power that charges you and those around you with its infectious, easy-like-Sunday-morning vibe.

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