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Introducing Sisley: Scents that Symbolize the French Art of Fine Living

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Introducing Sisley: Scents that Symbolize the French Art of Fine Living

Known for its unrivalled savoir-faire and sophisticated approach to beauty, French skincare powerhouse Sisley has translated their brand’s DNA into an elegant collection of scents, where each and every one captures a precious moment through a sequence of exceptional ingredients.

Renowned for their expertise in plant-based ingredients, each Sisley fragrance has been created to reflect the sentiments of its creators, inspire the senses and to convey the beauty of each particular note in the composition at the height of their grandeur. 

We are beyond thrilled and honored to welcome three of Sisley’s olfactive masterpieces, with the promise of more to follow in the future. 

Eau du Soir

Eau Du Soir

Eau du Soir was created by Sisley’s founder Hubert d’Ornano for his wife, Countess Isabelle, who wore the perfume for eight years before they decided to launch it for the public.

The Countess wore this scent as her signature until the release of Izia, and everywhere she went, she was getting compliments and questions from people about where they could get a bottle of their own. 

Eau Du Soir Lifestyle

Global Vice President Christine D’Ornano and daughter of the power duo says that this particular perfume will always remind her of her mother, dressed in a lavish evening gown kissing her goodnight and veiling her in this magnificent scent. 

Eau du Soir is all about sophistication, with floral petals drenched in citrus and woody notes offering a dash of charm no matter the hour, occasion, or season. 

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After creating so many revolutionary skincare products produced by Sisley, Isabelle d’Ornano wanted to create a scent that will distill her essence, her style, and her memories in a single drop. Growing up in a noble family in Poland, Izia is the Countess’s nickname given by close friends and family, and she drew upon a certain rose from her childhood garden as inspiration, which bloomed only once a year for two weeks in late May. She loved the scent so much she brought the rose to France when she married Hubert, and planted it in their Loire Valley garden.

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Perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie took this unique rose that is now called the d’Ornano rose and put it in absolute focus. The intoxicating scent is breathtaking but elusive, thus enhancing its appeal. Clerc-Marie then surrounded the scent with a splash of citrus and spices, backdropped by a warm, tantalizing triptych consisting of musk, cedar, and amber.

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Eau de Campagne

Eau De Campagne

Sisley founder Hubert d’Ornano teamed up with the legendary perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena to create a scent that will bring out all the uniqueness of the wild flowers and plants in the fields and deliver an olfactive triumph unlike any other. This is a scent symbolizing the French art of living presented through the perfect harmony of citrus and grassy notes with a chypre base. 

Eau De Campagne Lifestyle

Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano added some of their favorite scents: tomato leaves and basil from their vegetable garden in the French countryside. A breath of fresh air, Eau de Campagne is rich and full of surprises, a dynamic tribute to the beauty of nature.

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