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Introducing Maison Sybarite

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Introducing Maison Sybarite

Maison Sybarite was founded by Annabel and Katia in 2019. In their desire to avoid harmful ingredients and improve their environmental footprint they developed, together with the famous French Master perfumer Antoine Lie, the first water based perfumes.  

Thanks to its milky consistency and hydrating properties, this innovative formula feels great when rubbed onto the skin like a lotion – and smells even better.

“I don’t believe there is a lovelier place in the world than the plain where Sybaris stood. All things beautiful come together: the laughing greenery of southern Italy, the vastness of the most majestic Alpine landscapes, the sun and the sea of Greece”

François Lenormant


Maison Sybarite

Inspired by the winery tradition of Sybaris, the perfume unveils intensely flavored grapes, fruit flavors, rich spices and seduce those who have a fondness for opulent smells.

This liquorous, full-body concoction has an unparalleled voluptuous feel. The multifaceted aroma of ylang-ylang counterbalances the plummy sweetness successfully. Warm notes of sandalwood alongside the dry notes of cedarwood create an alluring woody base. The spicy Saffron is added to the oriental accord to further accentuate it and enhance its character.

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Maison Sybarite

This fragrance speaks to the very soul of goodness. Once the perfume has become your ally, it will always lift you up.

The legend tells Sybarites used to lay down on a bed of roses petals, but unable to get to sleep because one of the petals was folded over. This feminine blend is a sensual and sparkling combination of elegant fresh bergamot with an added hint of saffron. The powdery orris joins the versatile rose to achieve an intensely romantic accord. Tolu completes the sophisticated harmony, giving dimension, glory, and nobility.

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Maison Sybarite

Sybaris was described by Herodotus as a powerful city, yet one of opulence and luxury, founded in 720 BC, on the Ionian coast, now Calabria in southern Italy.

Rich spices and precious wood are reunited in a carnal blend for ardent lovers of life. Racy birch tar and aromatic lavender intertwine with the intoxicating patchouli to create a powerful animalic accord. This sophisticated gender neutral scent represents the witness of the origin. Like a conductor, it creates the vibrant variations in order to reinvent each fragrant symphony.

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