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Into the Woods: Fall Scents For Women

Woody Fall Fragrances 1

Into the Woods: Fall Scents For Women

Evoking crisp country walks, rain-drenched forests or bonfire evenings, woody notes are a no-brainer for fall. In the past, perfumers tended to embrace the the green leafiness of this fragrance family or exaggerate its drier aspects, but now we’re able to explore a whole new terrain…

These days, woody notes are paired with fresh fruit, warm tea accords, marine notes and even sweet gourmand scents. Here are a few of our favorites this season:

Get A Room by Confessions Of A Rebel

Get A RoomIn Get A Room, mandarin and apple envelope the cypress to create a juicy aroma  that contrasts the wood’s smooth, blonde fragrance.. A glaze of vanilla, praline and spice transform this into a sensual, intriguing fragrance.

Japanese Agarwood by Lisa Hoffman

Japanese Agarwood By Lisa HoffmanA lot of scents powered by oud command attention. But this is not one of those fragrances. Refined and effortless, this Lisa Hoffman fragrance blends resinous agarwood with a medley of  ginger, bergamot and amber notes to create a scent that’s fresh, but with enough warmth to keep things smoky and interesting.

Absolutely loved this fragrance… This will take you for a walk through the agarwood forest in Thailand.. Clean pleasant and not at all overpowering… This is definitely one to keep !

Dahn, (06/09/2018)

Beach Hut Woman by Amouage

Beach Hut Woman By AmouageYou’d think this woody-aquatic combo with a summery name would be too light for fall, but the blend of driftwood, cashmere woods, sea notes and patchouli creates a cozy, woody scent that we’ll be spraying all fall.

Accompanied by notes of bergamot and ylang ylang, Beach Hut Woman is a good contender for your everyday office spray!

Yesterday by Room 1015

Yesterday By Room 1015Yesterday by Room 1015 is an aromatic woody scent revisited in a modern way. The  familiar duo of amber and sandalwood gets remixed with fruity rhubarb and warm cardamom for a scent that’s sophisticated – and surprising.  

Indigo by Nest

Indigo NestInfused with ripe fig, tea leaves, Kashmir woods and a dash of cardamom, Indigo is a dusky, mysterious scent that lingers on the wearer. Add this to your date night rotation for best results.

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