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You’ve heard about their game-changing brushes, you’ve seen the mesmerizing tutorial videos, and now, Artis brushes have finally landed on Scentbird. From their patented fibres to the ergonomically designed handles, these next-gen Artis makeup brushes are unlike anything we’ve ever used before, and we have a feeling you’re going to love them, too.

Scentbird recently caught up with Jeremy Adelman, founder and the creative force behind Artis, to find out more about the company’s artistic process, ideas on innovation and future beauty trends.

What was your inspiration for starting Artis?

Simply put, to make the beauty experience better. We saw formulas across skincare and color cosmetics being constantly evolved and no one had paid any attention to the critical aspect of the beauty ritual — application. The tools for applying makeup were still stuck in the past. Conventional makeup brushes are just repurposed paint brushes, originally created to apply to a canvas, or to apply on someone else, they were also really inefficient at delivering product whether you’re an artist or an everyday wearer.

Artis is the first brand to design makeup and skincare brushes with product delivery and intuition in mind. Our brushes are ergonomically designed for a more comfortable, intuitive experience, and they use densely packed, animal-free fibres for a flawless finish.

Why do you think it’s more effective for the brushes to be shaped in this way?

The orientation of the fibre bundle on the brush handle mimics the way the pad of your fingers would move across your face if you were using your own fingers to apply a product – but does a much more efficient and seamless job of it. This creates a more intuitive, comfortable and effective beauty experience, whether you’re applying makeup or skincare.

What is it that makes the brushes so special?

There are three main things that set Artis apart from conventional makeup brushes. First, we already mentioned the orientation of the fibre bundle, which is a key part of how the brush is designed for a more intuitive application. Second, is the secret to a flawless finish — our CosmeFibre. It’s animal-free and engineered to be used with cosmetics and skincare across all types of formulas – liquids, powders and creams. Each fibre bundle is densely packed and the fibres taper to a microscopic tip, so you get the softest application and superior results. Third, is the handle itself – it’s ergonomically designed to fit more comfortably in the hand of the user. Each of our Elite Collection brushes is weight-balanced, which helps enhance application and performance.

What is your creative/developmental process like?

As a brand we believe that your beauty experience should be beautiful in itself – that means the end result should be terrific, the experience of using the product should feel good and the product should be incredibly well designed. As we’ve considered new product innovations over the years, they always had to hit on each of those things – being truly breakthrough and fulfilling a need – not just a gimmick.

What are a few brushes everyone should have in their makeup bag?

The great thing about our brushes is that they are all multifunctional and can play many roles in your makeup bag. We recommend having brushes that can do your whole face, so at least one or two oval brushes, one linear brush and one circle brush for a well-rounded assortment.

Artis’ best-selling brush is the Elite Oval 7. It’s most known for applying flawless foundation, but it’s perfectly sized for a range of things, including moisturizer/sunscreen, bronzer and setting powder. The Elite Oval 4 brush has a fibre bundle the size of an almond, so it’s a great choice for applying and blending eyeshadow, concealer, highlighter, and even contouring. Our thinnest brush is the Elite Linear 1, great for filling in brows, applying eyeliner, blending undereye concealer and nose contouring. The Elite Circle 1R has a fibre bundle about the size of a pea, with a dome shape. It’s perfect for lip color, applying and blending eye shadow, spot treatments and spot concealer.

What is next for Artis?

At Artis, we are always looking forward. In April, we launched our first skincare product, Artis Phantom Cleansing Silks, a first-of-its-kind facial cleanser that uses a technology new to the beauty space. We are striving to continue bringing the beauty industry new products with an innovative edge. While we launch new products, we’re also always focusing on where we started – brushes! – to keep expanding on your favorites from Artis.

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